Jean Belliveau

Boat Building Legacy

Working for a full year to install 150 pieces of planking, steaming the boards so they’d bend into position, Jean Belliveau recalls…

“See that boat there?” (Nodding in the boat’s direction)
“Well, I gave it a big kiss, when I got to that point.” Belliveau said, getting choked up at the memory.
“I didn’t know if I could succeed in doing that. But, I did.”

The History
The shipbuilding industry is a significant component of the cultural identity of Clare. The first settlers recognized the wealth of resources available both from the land and the sea. With an ample supply of local lumber and a talented, capable workforce, Clare quickly dominated the province’s shipbuilding industry. Numerous coastal villages of Clare supported shipyards, with a significant portion hailing from Belliveau Cove.

The Boat
Valued at $288,000, the hand-carved artwork alone has an appraised value of $71,000. While Jean could not realize his dream of sailing this vessel, he spoke often of his desire to share it with the community. As a result, the BCDC has entered into a 5-Year Purchase Agreement with the family of the late Jean Belliveau to acquire the vessel at an agreed upon price of $65,000.

The Legacy
The acquisition of the STELLA MARIS is part of a larger vision of the BCDC. Working in partnership with the Municipality of Clare, the vessel will be a showcased as a feature item at a proposed on-site tourism experiential centre at the Joseph and Marie Dugas Municipal Park in Belliveau Cove, Nova Scotia.

Keeping The Dream Afloat

in Belliveau Cove, Nova Scotia

She’s over twenty-five years in the making and called the Stella Maris. Modeled on a 17th century Dutch class sailing ship, the Stella Maris, in all her detailed 11-metres, was hand-made from spruce, oak and cedar wood by Jean Belliveau, an Acadian from St. Bernard, on the shores of Baie Sainte Marie, Clare, Nova Scotia. It is the intention of this project to establish a tourism focal point in Belliveau Cove, NS to showcase this vessel while symbolically launching the Stella Maris as a true testament to the local shipbuilding culture.

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