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Belliveau Cove Development Commission. Est. 1980

The Belliveau Cove Development Commission (BCDC) in the pursuit of its goals has undertaken a number of projects over the years. Successful working partnerships have been created with both local community and business groups. BCDC has also partnered with municipal, provincial and federal levels of government in support of various project implementations.

Past projects have led to increased use of the Belliveau Cove marina by both pleasure and commercial craft. Additionally, schools from Yarmouth to Digby have used both the coastal trail and the park grounds for various class trips, helping to raise awareness of our local nature and history.

We are proud to work with local groups who are interested in using the park grounds for tourism excursions. Our nature trail has been used by up to 300 people a day resulting in immeasurable lifestyle and health benefits. BCDC continues to co-manage the park and trails in partnership with the Municipality of Clare and is currently working towards implementing a Redevelopment Plan.

With the approach of the 2024 Acadian World Congress, it is imperative that the historic and cultural attractions of the Belliveau Cove area be ready to accommodate visitors from around the world. The rich Acadian culture and history of Belliveau Cove, in addition to its shipbuilding heritage are too important to be overlooked and collectively, can provide visitors with an incredible experience and memories for years to come.

Current Project

The BELLIVEAU COVE DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (BCDC) is raising money to purchase a locally crafted vessel named STELLA MARIS. She is a 36′ replica of a 17th c. Dutch Royal Class vessel, built by the late Jean Belliveau of Belliveau Cove, Nova Scotia.

Valued at $288,000, the hand-carved artwork alone has an appraised value of $71,000. While Jean could not realize his dream of sailing this vessel, he spoke often of his desire to share it with the community. To honour the incredible craftsmanship of Jean Belliveau, and to keep “…his dream afloat”, the BCDC has entered into a 5-Year Purchase Agreement with the family of the late Jean Belliveau to acquire the vessel at an agreed upon price of $65,000.

The acquisition of the STELLA MARIS is part of a larger vision of the BCDC. Working in partnership with the Municipality of Clare, the vessel will be a showcased as a feature item at a proposed on-site tourism experiential centre for the Belliveau Cove Municipal Park.


…to preserve and promote the unique historical, cultural and natural elements of the village of Belliveau Cove.

If you are interested in booking the Joseph and Marie Dugas Municipal Park for an upcoming event, family reunion, wedding, etc, or if you’d like to be a vendor at our Saturday morning Farmer’s Market, then please contact Willi Guy at telephone: 902-307-7221

BCDC is guided by the following values:

  • Maintain and further develop the cultural atmosphere, scale, quality and quaintness of Anse-des-Belliveau.
  • Conserve, enhance, and interpret the historic, cultural, and natural resources.
  • Increase recreation and leisure opportunities for community and tourist enjoyment.
  • Complement existing tourist attracctions and business developments.
  • Stimulate economic activity in the community and immediate area.
  • Efficiently manage resources.

Chronology of Belliveau Cove Development Commission

1976 – Belliveau Cove wharves badly damaged during Feb. 2, 1976 Ground Hog Day Storm

1980 – Belliveau Cove Waterfront Improvement Committee is registered with Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies (RJSC)

1986 – Wharf raised by 2 feet; new launch ramp installed

1987 – Change of name recorded with RJSC to Belliveau Cove Development Commission

1988 – Recreational Area Development Plan prepared

1990 – Lighthouse reconstructed on North Wharf

1990 – Trail construction linking wharves to chapel at Major’s Point

1993 –  Park named in honour of Joseph & Marie Dugas at 225th Anniversary Celebration of first arrival

1995 – Wooden boardwalk constructed along freshwater marsh

1995 – Coastal boardwalk trail named Sentier Piau or Piau Trail in honour of Acadian Deportation escapee Pierre Belliveau

1996 – Registered as a charitable non-profit organization with Federal government

1997 – Agreement reached between Municipality of Clare and BCDC that BCDC will oversee park development

1997 – Annual Festival Joseph and Marie Dugas begun

1999 – Application for Nova Scotia Trails Destination project approved

1999 – Old Post Office restoration completed

2000 – Mission Statement developed

2001 – Construction of the Farmers Market, Public Washrooms and Landscaping complete

Please Donate
Your personal donation will help make an impact towards acquiring this vessel, thus ensuring its preservation, while honouring the expert shipbuilding craftsmanship of Jean Belliveau.